Are Appraisers Licensed or Certified?

Question: Is it true that most appraisers aren’t licensed or certified?

In general, yes.

Licensed or Certified?Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisers are the exception. They are state-licensed, which means they meet education, training and experience qualifications. It also means they take periodic update and refresher courses and subscribe to a code of ethics.

Other Appraisers

All other appraisers are not licensed by the government at any level. But many professional appraisers belong to national organizations that offer certification or accreditation. These organizations often set standards higher than the state standards for real estate appraisers.
Some of the top organizations providing certification for appraisers:

American Society of Appraisers. The oldest. It certifies appraisers in most disciplines.
Appraisal Institute. Certifies real estate appraisers.
Appraisers Association of America. Its members appraise fine arts, jewelry and personal property.
The International Society of Appraisers. Personal property appraisers.
The International Association of Assessing Officers. Association for tax assessment appraisers.
International Right of Way Association. Certifies professionals, including appraisers, surveyors, attorneys, etc. in right of way careers.
National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers. Real estate appraisers.
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. International association certifies appraisers in most disciplines.

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